Homeschool Explorers Club

Dive into fun and learning with our four-part series especially for homeschooling families!
Homeschool Explorers Club sessions deliver thematic activities designed for homeschooling families and their children in grades K-12. Each session includes age-appropriate classroom lessons, learning stations throughout the Aquarium, animal enrichments and a scavenger hunt.

Pricing Per Session

Homeschool Explorers Club attendees receive special discounted pricing on Aquarium admission.

 Session PriceAquarium Member Price
Grades K - 8$17.95$9.50
Grades 9 - 12$23.95$13.50

2019-20 Sessions

All sessions take place from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Doors open and registration begins at 9 a.m.

Marvelous Mammals

September 4, 2019
Ever wanted to have breakfast with otters or lunch with a skunk? Join us for a day of discovery with our Aquarium ambassador mammals! Help us investigate the common characteristics all mammals share and watch as ours receive special treats! Learn all about our local species and discover other oddities found around the world.

JAW-some Sharks

November 6, 2019
Do sharks pose a greater risk to humans, or do we pose a greater risk to sharks? Get ready for a fin-tastic day learning all about the ocean’s apex predator – sharks! Separate fact from fiction when it comes to these misunderstood animals. Explore updates from OCEARCH’s Global Shark Tracker and meet the local sharks that frequent our Carolina coasts. Plus, learn how you can protect sharks and their relatives in the wild.

Migration & Hibernation

January 29, 2020
We’ve got gloves and jackets to keep us warm, but how do animals adapt to changing weather? Discover animals that migrate, stay active, or hibernate to handle the colder temperatures. Do a population study on migrating butterflies, track shark and bird migrations, research fur density of mammals, and learn about the sleepy species who hibernate through it all. Enjoy making your own up-cycled bird feeder to use at home with your feathered friends.

Powerful Plants

March 4, 2020
Get your Plant 101 lessons packed into one day! Learn about invasive plants and the benefits of natives for our local wildlife. Discover the power of plants as game changers throughout the world’s history. While we plant seeds of knowledge, we’ll also plant native seeds for you to bring home.


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