Third Party Fundraising - South Carolina Aquarium

Community Ambassadors

Lend Us a Fin

Can you support the South Carolina Aquarium with a special talent? Become a community ambassador! From bake sales to bike-a-thons, our ambassadors raise the critical funds needed to help the Aquarium grow and enhance educational programming, increase conservation efforts, and provide an exceptional visitor experience.

Let your creativity fly! Are you crafty? Create and sell wearable art. On the sporty side? Organize a run or fitness challenge. Artsy? Donate a portion of your sales, from beautiful pottery to an inspiring canvas. Have a birthday coming up? Ask friends to donate funds, gift cards or wish list items in lieu of gifts. For more information, contact Caitlin Cash at or (843) 579-8541.

Join Everydayhero

Create an Account
  • Visit and on the Everydayhero page, create an account by clicking “Start now” or “Sign up”.
  • You will have the option to create a profile using social media accounts or with your email address. Once your account is created, you will then Create a Supporter Page.
Create a Supporter Page
  • In the “Select Charity” box, search for and choose South Carolina Aquarium and click “Fundraise for this Charity”.
  • Complete the required fields on your supporter page and click “Create Supporter Page”.
Customize your Supporter Page
  • You can create your story, and share what inspires you to fundraise for the South Carolina Aquarium. From your supporter page, you can also post updates directly from social media accounts.
  • Using the “Edit this Supporter Page” link, you can update fundraising goals, add your personal story and update your page photo.
Generate Support
  • Share the link to your supporter page to family and friends and encourage them to support on your behalf.
To Create a Team
  • From your Supporter Page, select, “Create a new team” on the right hand side under your page photo.
  • Name your team, then click “Create Team”
  • Upload a team photo
  • Set your goal and add your team story by selecting “Edit Team Page” under your photo.
  • Invite friends, family, students, classmates and others to join your team – once they receive the link, they will be invited to create a supporter page and join your team. You can invite multiple team members by separating email addresses with a semicolon.
To Join a Team
  • Once you have created an account and supporter page (see To join Everydayhero for instructions), click “Join an existing team” under your profile page.
  • Search for your team.
  • Select “Join this Team”.
  • Share your page link to your supporters and begin your fundraiser. Don’t forget to post your progress through social media!

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