Meet our Experts


Arnold Postell

Dive Safety Officer and Senior Biologist
B.S., Equine Animal Science – behavior and training, University of Georgia
Graduate Certificate, International Agriculture, University of Georgia

Arnold’s job at the Aquarium is two-fold: he is our Dive Safety Officer (DSO) and Senior Biologist, overseeing our largest exhibit, the Great Ocean Tank. As DSO, Arnold trains and manages volunteer divers, trains staff divers, and oversees more than 4,000 dives each year. He also cares for all the animals in the 385,000-gallon Great Ocean Tank, including our sharks. Additional duties include managing interns and collecting fish and sharks for exhibits. Arnold loves that he is able to go fishing and diving as part of his job and spent two years in Costa Rica earning his divemaster certification in scuba diving. He is president of the Association of Dive Program Administrators and is the Dive Safety Representative to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Safety Committee.


Kelly Thorvalson

Sea Turtle Rescue Program Manager
B.S., Marine Biology, College of Charleston

Kelly started volunteering at the Aquarium in 1997 and was hired as an aquarist in 1999. Today she serves as the South Carolina Aquarium Sea Turtle Rescue Program Manager. Kelly organizes the team for live sea turtle stranding admittances and works closely with staff and volunteers to ensure patients are receiving healthy diets and necessary medical treatments. She also provides educational tours to Aquarium visitors and school groups. As a conservationist, Kelly enjoys that she is not only a part of sea turtles’ survival, but also a part of a changing culture that cares more about the health of the planet. She’s proud to work for an organization that provides an inspiring visitor experience while keeping conservation and education at the forefront. Kelly is involved in fieldwork and is the recipient of several awards, including a Women of Distinction Award in Environment Education from the Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina in 2010 and the Victor Samra Leadership Award in 2012.


Monty Wallace

B.S., General Science with an emphasis in Biology, Chemistry minor,
University of Oregon

Monty joined the South Carolina Aquarium in May of 2014 as the aviculturist for the Aquarium’s bird collection. Monty holds a range of job responsibilities that includes diet preparation, exhibit cleaning, visual health checks, managing volunteers and interns, and assisting our veterinarian with any medical procedures involving birds. He enjoys training different species of birds, providing unique enrichment to the animals and sharing his passion with Aquarium guests. Monty’s previous experience includes the Center for Birds of Prey, the High Desert Museum, and the Peregrine Fund.


Kendle Enter

Animal Behaviorist
B.S., Marine Science, minors in Biology and Math, Coastal Carolina University

Kendle manages the Aquarium’s mammal collection, which currently includes North American river otters, ring-tailed lemurs, and a skunk. She also develops and coordinates animal enrichment and training programs. Animal training sessions, enrichment, cleaning, feeding, and observation are all part of her daily routine. She is proud to have expanded the Aquarium’s enrichment program since her arrival in 2011, most recently creating enrichment items out of automatic car wash material for lobsters, ring-tailed lemurs, and otters. Kendle strives to provide our animals with the best quality care so visitors make an enhanced connection, and those connections inspire conservation of the natural world.


Shane Boylan

DVM, North Carolina State University
B.S., Biology, minor in Chemistry, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Shane provides day-to-day guidance for the health and welfare of the Aquarium’s animal collection and current patients of the Sea Turtle Rescue Program. He looks over all the animals through monitoring their nutrition, quarantine practices, general medicine, surgery, and preventative medicine. Shane loves helping give the Aquarium’s animal collection the best quality of life and helping sick and injured animals. He claims to not have any favorite animals, but he especially enjoys working with animals that allow and respond to treatment. Shane serves on the Executive Board of the American Association of Fish Veterinarians and is the recipient of several awards, including the Proficiency in Zoological Medicine Award from North Carolina State University.