A Partnership Between Guy Harvey
and the South Carolina Aquarium


Canvases for Conservation

Embodying the spirit of wildlife found in South Carolina, the South Carolina Aquarium and Guy Harvey present Canvases for Conservation, an art installation running January 17 through July. The South Carolina Aquarium is honored to be the first aquarium to display Guy Harvey’s artwork to support conservation research and education, ultimately strengthening the shared commitment to protecting the natural world.



From the Mountains to the Sea

Canvases for Conservation features an original canvas painting of a loggerhead sea turtle from world renowned marine artist and conservationist Guy Harvey on the Aquarium’s second floor gallery wall. The installation spotlights Guy Harvey’s interpretations of wildlife in South Carolina, such as a bald eagle, freshwater fish and sharks. Each piece is available for purchase with a percentage of proceeds directly supporting the conservation and education programs at the South Carolina Aquarium and research by the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.

Guy Harvey Merchandise in the Gift Shop

After completing an artistic journey from the mountains to the sea, guests are invited to browse through a selection of Guy Harvey merchandise in the Aquarium Gift Shop, including his popular T-shirts. Canvases for Conservation will be open to the public from January 17, 2014 to July 2014 and is included with admission to the Aquarium.