High School Intern Program

Sam Gehl

How was your first week as an intern?
17 June 2014: The first week as an intern really shows how this is the best job, especially as a high schooler, that you can possibly get! That first day really put 3 stories of stairs into perspective . . . but hey it’s a great free workout! All of the information and questions people ask may seem daunting, but I like to take a deep […]

Brittany Bowles

How was your first week as an intern?
17 June 2014: The first week of being a high school intern at the South Carolina Aquarium was amazing! I was full of nerves the first day thinking that it was going to be a tough job and I was going to mess everything up, but it proved to be nothing but pure fun. Everyone here is so supportive and friendly that it’s hard to feel unwelcomed. […]

Binal Patel

How was your first week as an intern?
17 June 2014: My first week as a High School Intern at the South Carolina Aquarium was an experience that I will treasure forever. It was the best week that anyone could ever hope to have as an intern. Everyone was very welcoming and helpful even if they did not know me. When I came in on my first day, I was very lost. Not only was […]

Andrea Vera Martinez

How was your first week as an intern?
17 June 2014: I loved my first week at the aquarium! Everyone is so kind and it is not really “working” if you enjoy doing it. Even though I have only been here for a week, I have already learned so much about the different regions of South Carolina and the animals that inhabit it. Never would I have thought I would learn how to hold an […]

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