America Recycles Day is November 15

Do you know?
Since 2001, the Aquarium has recycled more than 150 tons of everything from cardboard to paper to wine corks to ink cartridges.

Recycling is one of the most important actions you can take to protect the Earth. With just a few simple changes to your routine, you can make a big impact on the future of the environment. Recycling reduces landfill waste, reduces the need for raw materials, and reduces the amount of […]

Meet Artist Laura Palermo of Paintings for a Purpose

Laura Palermo is the talented local artist behind our newest art exhibit, Paintings for a Purpose. Her beautiful nature-inspired work features marine animals, including sea turtles rehabilitated by our Sea Turtle Rescue Program. Get to know Laura and find out what inspires her to raise awareness about animal conservation through her artwork:

Why do you love to paint wildlife, especially sea turtles?
I am an animal lover! I’ve always loved animals ever since I was a […]

The Rising Tide… of Marine Debris

The recent rash of nuisance flooding has not only brought headaches for downtown residents and commuters, but also marine debris. Marine debris—also known as litter, is human-created waste found in oceans and waterways. During the past few days we’ve experienced the excessive flooding—and an increase in marine debris on beaches located next to the Aquarium.

In fact—in just one day we collected more than 16-pounds of litter on the beach located to the left of […]

Charleston: A City Under Siege

This past week our region experienced the highest tide in six years, driving home the name our area is known for — the Lowcountry. This nuisance flooding is only going to get worse as sea levels rise, and combined with other factors such as a strong tidal pull and tropical depressions off the coast, it will continue to have an effect on the Charleston area, underscoring the importance of combating the rising tide sooner than […]

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