Adopt a Friend with Fins, Feathers or Scales

You can help keep our animal residents healthy with an Adopt-an-Animal gift. Your support helps us provide our animals with expert care, daily food and vitamins, and opportunities for enrichment.

Albino Alligator
Bald Eagle
River Otter
Loggerhead Sea Turtle
Red Ruffed Lemur
American Alligator
Sand Tiger Shark

Adopt-an-Animal Benefits

Personalized adoption certificatex x x x x
Adoption decalx x x x x
Fun Fact Sheetx x x x x
One-year tributaries subscriptionx x x x
Animal plushx x x
2 Sea Turtle Hospital Behind-the-Scenes Tour tickets x x
Invitations to exclusive Aquarium eventsx x
Meet the Keeperx
Your support helps us provide our animals with expert care.